what will be the impact of a trump solar presidency on solar in new york

What Will be the Impact of a Trump Presidency on Solar Energy in New York?

The largely unexpected election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency sent shock waves through the world, including the energy industry. President-elect Trump is very pro U.S.energy, particularly oil and gas. Providers of renewable energy, particularly solar, may be looking at a good news-bad news scenario. An early appraisal of the Impact of Trump Presidency […]

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Solar Panel Emergency Backup Power Long Island / NYC

Why Do You Need a Solar Panel Battery Backup Power System for Emergency or Daily Use ?

Why Do You Need a Solar Panel Battery Backup Power System for Emergency or Daily Use in Long Island / NYC? The answer really is “why wouldn’t you need one?” Things can happen at any time and you really need to be prepared. Storms only seem to be getting worse on a regular basis. Hurricanes […]

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charge an electric car with home solar panels Long Island / NYC

Can you charge an electric car with your homes solar panels in Long Island / NYC?

“ Can you charge an electric car with your home’s solar panels in Long Island / NYC? ” is a popular question that we receive more and more from Long Islanders and New Yorkers thinking about going solar, as well as our current solar panel installation clients who purchased an electric car or plug-in hybrid […]

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PSEG LI Solar - Loan - Lease or Purchase it's the best time to save.

PSEG LI Solar – Loan, Lease or Purchase Solar Panels – Why Now?

PSEG LI Solar – Loan, Lease or Purchase Solar Panels and take control of your energy costs now. PSEG Long Island is trying to increase the costs of electricity overall while touting lower overall electrical costs. By taking advantage of cheaper fuel costs, PSEG can reduce overall electricity costs while increasing the costs of delivery. […]

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Long Island Fundraiser 2016 for Joseph McElroy 6th Annual Camp Boggy Creek Fundraiser

Long Island Fundraiser 2016 – Send Kids With Epilepsy to Sleep Away Camp

Long Island New York, January 8, 2016 — Long Island Based Grid City Electric, a premier local commercial and residential solar contractor is leading the effort to benefit the 6th Annual Joseph McElroy Camp Boggy Creek Scholarship Fundraiser. This local initiative created by the McElroy family allows children with epilepsy the chance to attend sleep […]

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Solar Federal Investment Tax Credit Extended

Congress has passed a bill that extends the 30 percent federal tax credit for residential and commercial solar projects through 2019. This is big news for the solar industry. The investment tax credit (ITC) was originally set to expire at the end of 2016. This means homeowners and businesses can still take advantage of the […]

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How to Choose the Right Solar Panels for Your Long island Residential Solar Energy System

Long Island residential solar customers have serious decisions to make when choosing the right solar panel for their solar energy investment. Residential solar customers on Long Island often ask the same fundamental questions “What solar panels are the most efficient?“, “Who makes the best solar panel?“, ” What do I do if a solar panel […]

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