Operating Lease For Solar

An operating lease for solar is a financial structure which enables commercial businesses who cannot absorb the tax incentives to own the system via a short term 7-10 year lease. A third party will absorb the tax incentives as payment used to lower the lease payments for the system. At the end of the term, ownership is achieved.

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Grid City Energy offers operating lease solutions for solar power in Long Island & NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island & Manhattan) which cater to commercial Entities who prefer leasing verses an up front investment, Commercial Entities who do not qualify for the tax incentives but prefer ownership, Non-Profits (schools, Churches), and Municipal entities.

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Operating Lease For Solar in New York

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Operating Lease For Solar is great if you do not qualify for tax credits

Empowering local commercial businesses who cannot absorb the tax incentives to own a solar energy system and enjoy the energy savings via a short term 7-10 year lease. Get a free estimate and find out more today.

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