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Why Now is the Best Time to Go Solar

You may know just how great solar power is for your home, but the problem is that you keep putting it off. The fact is, now is the best time to go solar on Long Island and in New York City. There are a wide variety of reasons why there is no time like the present to invest in residential solar. Let’s go into further detail about why you should not let this opportunity pass you by.

So you’re wondering “why go solar now?”

The reason now is the best time to go solar is because there are so many benefits to take advantage of. First of all, the quicker you go solar, the sooner you can start paying less on your energy. You are also able to be better prepared with solar and a backup system in case there are any future disastrous storms coming up that may take out the electricity.




The government, NY State, and utility companies are offering attractive rebate programs and tax incentives that really makes it worth going solar now.

Right now is the best time to take advantage of the amazing tax credits and utility rebates that are available. They won’t last forever. For example, in April 2016, the Long Island solar rebate program expired and ran out of funding. The government is encouraging New York homeowners to invest in renewable energy, which means that they are handing out nice tax credits for those people who are willing to make that investment.

New York State tax credits can save you up to 25 percent if you get a solar panel system installed, and if you own your solar panel system, you can save up to 47.5 percent.


Now is the time for new homeowners to go solar and save today

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The electric rates have been going up and up, and it’s not going to stop. Now you can make it stop with solar panels and lock in low rates for years to come.

Solar is giving the power back to the people and now we have a choice to say no to the ridiculous constant increasing of electric rates in the area. If you went solar you can literally lock in a low electric rate for years and years to come. Often solar panels can bring the bill down to $0 or very little every month. Let’s not forget producing an average of 80 percent to more than 100 percent of the electricity you consume or greater. That means a ZERO electric bill. How amazing is that?! The total percentage of production of electricity your solar panel system produces depends on your installation, available roof space, amount of sunlight, and budget for your unique situation.

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Your solar panel installation can produce more energy than the amount you consume and PSEG Long Island and Con Edison literally pays you for the excess power you feed back to the grid.

If you are interested in investing in solar for you home, there is really no time like now. Solar is an incredibly beneficial thing for your home and for the environment. Research is showing that a purchased solar panel system on a home significantly increases the homes value. Solar power is more affordable than ever, especially thanks to different plans that can help you find solar power systems in your budget.

Working with a reputable solar energy company like us, we start with asking some basic questions to find out what programs and incentives you’ll qualify for. We will explain how solar works, what it costs, the process, and how much you can save in your unique situation, and any other questions you may have. The whole process is hassle free from A-Z. There is absolutely no cost for our estimates or the time we spend educating you on our programs or on solar in general. What are you waiting for?

Why Grid City Electric? We are a reputable solar installer with the flexibility to offer you a number of different types of solar panel types and brands to meet your unique situation.

Unlike the number of other solar installation companies that offer you only the brand of solar panels they represent and little room to flex for you. Not only that, we offer solar panel installations solutions for flat roofs and a creative design approach to meet any building’s unique architecture.

Get a solar energy system in place as soon as possible to avoid further electric rate increase.

Ready, set, Go solar

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Additional Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power saves alot of money on electric bills.
Federal and State rebate and financing programs make a solar investment simple and affordable.
Residential Solar is a long term investment which involves Zero or little out of pocket with savings on day one.
A Solar investment can increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars for every Kw installed on the roof.

What’s Included

  • Solar Engineering and Design
  • Equipment (We use only the best equipment)
  • Solar permitting and Permit Costs
  • Solar Financing for Zero or little out of pocket packages
  • Delivery and Installation with our Friendly In-house crews
  • Inspections, Warranties, Guarantees and Close Outs
  • Local, Family-Run, Licensed, Insured, Certified No Subcontracting

What You’ll Get

  • Going solar will give you a lower electric bill
  • A Cash free investment with low interest financing
  • Insulation from rising energy costs
  • Hassle Free experience taking care of all the paperwork and utility interconnection

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We take care of our customers

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We are Full Service

It all starts with a phone call to our friendly solar energy consultants. During the initial phone call, some basic questions will be asked to see what programs and incentives you qualify for. We will explain how solar works, what it costs, the process, and how much you can save in your unique situation. The whole process is hassle free from A-Z. There is absolutely no cost for our estimates or the time we spend educating you on our programs or on solar in general.

Local, Family Owned & Trusted

Grid City Electric does not behave like a mega conglomerate looking to pillage the market place with a team of consultants, algorithms and shareholders. We are Human. When you call, our staff will know who you are and the specifics of your account. No long hold times. No lengthy questionnaires. No 50 page contracts. You are people, and so are we. Our employees could be your parents, or your recently graduated college kids who live here just like you and that is why we will treat you like family when you call.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us a message. We are super energetic and love to help people understand how incredible their renewable energy savings options are. Don’t delay, call or message us today.

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