Re-Amortizing Residential Solar Loans give Hone owners looking to buy solar panels a flexible way to control what the monthly finance payment is during a Re-Amortization window. A home owner looking to finance solar panels in NY (Long Island and NYC) approved for this loan will have a 12/18 mo th period to apply payments to the loan company above the monthly premium. As a reward for paying higher than the premium, At the end of the 12/18 month period, the loan will be recalculated to reflect the additional payments made which the drives down the cost of the monthly payment. Typical applications of this loan assume the customer who buys solar panels will apply the various Federal, State, and local incentives to the principal of the loan as a way to drive down the monthly costs while increasing monthly cash flows on their investment.

With flexible credit requirements, this loan is perfect for the homeowner who wants the added ability or benefit to lower their monthly finance premium payment. Terms and conditions do apply to those interested in this loan. Simply contact a Grid City authorized representative to receive additional information on this loan.

Loan Features:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Roofing and other Repairs allowed
  • Provides bigger loans to those who qualify or as needed for bigger systems

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