Solar Panel Emergency Backup Power Long Island / NYC

Why Do You Need a Solar Panel Battery Backup Power System for Emergency or Daily Use ?

Why Do You Need a Solar Panel Battery Backup Power System for Emergency or Daily Use in Long Island / NYC? The answer really is “why wouldn’t you need one?” Things can happen at any time and you really need to be prepared. Storms only seem to be getting worse on a regular basis. Hurricanes seem to be more destructive and seem to leave a lot of victims without power for a sufficient amount of time. New England suffered from a freak blizzard during October that left many communities within the state without power and internet for over a week. Imagine all of that spoiled food or living in the darkness, being unable to cook or do anything but sit in the dark all of the time. If more people had a solar panel battery backup power system, during emergencies they would not seem to suffer these things as other people would without an emergency solar power system.

Why do you need it for daily use? You will want one for everyday use as well. Just look at your high energy bill costs and you will understand the need for this type of system within your home. Additionally, you can cause a positive impact on the environment by having a solar power generated home. Clean energy is all of the rage these days. There are quite a few benefits from using a system like this.

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How does a solar panel battery backup system work for emergency and daily use?

How does a solar panel battery backup system work in Long Island / NYC?

How does a solar panel battery backup system work in Long Island / NYC? This is a common question that a person may have. The process is actually a lot simpler than you may think it is. The solar panels that are placed on top of or beside your home will attract the sunlight to the house. The UV rays will then trigger a reaction that will cause power to be generated for storage in the solar batteries. This will recharge your battery so that it is ready when you need it. The solar battery is attached to the main panel of your home.

After the sun goes down, this system does not stop working. The backup system will be ready if the power goes out in the middle of the night and can kick on when needed to ensure that the home or at least the bare necessities are able to be powered up when needed. This works in a similar manner as a gas or propane powered generator. This can be a more preferential choice because you will not have to deal with the potentially hazardous fumes of a gas-powered generator, it is not as loud, and you will not have to worry about refueling. This final point can be very important especially if it is a wide spread outage because the gas lines will be impossible to get to.




What types of solar panel battery backup systems are there?

What types of solar panel battery backup systems are available in Long Island & NYC today? You actually have a few different choices for a solar power battery backup system, including:

  • Standalone DC System

With this option, the system will typically be a substitute for utility power for smaller homes that may want to live off of the grid. A PV (photovoltaic) setup will charge up the battery and will supply power as needed to this battery. It comes with a charge regulator that will stop the charging when the battery is fully powered to keep the battery alive for longer.

  • Backup AC System

This system also uses a PV array that consists of 10 or more nodes, a few inverters, and a battery bank. With a backup AC system, the utility service and the solar power will work together to make sure your home is powered as needed.

  • Standalone AC-DC System

There are a lot of similarities between this particular system and the standalone DC system. The difference is that there is a DC to AC inverter that is used. This can help to power things like your computer, other technology, vacuums and other things that you may need to use even if you do not have power.

How long do you have power for with a solar panel battery backup power system?

How long does the power last when you are on solar panel battery backup power? The real answers for this question are “it depends” and “it is hard to say”. There are a lot of considerations to look at before deciding on a system. That is because depending on how much power you need and the capacity of your system will decide how long you have, as well as how much sun you are getting daily. If you only run the necessities, your system will hold power longer, especially if you have a lot of sun powering up your system.

Now is the time to be prepared and get a solar battery backup power system today

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What’s the cost for a solar panel battery emergency backup power system for my home in Long Island / NYC?

What does a solar panel battery backup system cost a person? This is another question that can be answered by “it depends”.  You can really expect to spend anywhere between $8,000 and $16,000 depending on the system. The more panels that you need for power will bring up the cost. Additionally, each of the different systems carry their own different price ranges to look at. Also, different solar companies offer a variety of price ranges as well.

Get an accurate estimate on what a backup power system will cost you in Long Island / NYC today.

How to install a solar panel battery backup system in Long Island / NYC?

How can you install a solar panel battery backup system? A lot of homeowners like the idea of doing projects like this themselves, but this can be a very complex task to take on. With that being said, you will want to get a professional to come in to your home for installation of your emergency system. Look no further and hire our professionals at Grid City Electric to help you in Long Island and NYC. Trust us, it will be well worth your time. When you get an affordable system put in, you can save money on your overall utility bill and be prepared in case of an emergency. You can be prepared for disaster thanks to your solar emergency power backup system.

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Additional Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power saves alot of money on electric bills.

Federal and State rebate and financing programs make a solar investment simple and affordable.

Residential Solar is a long term investment which involves Zero or little out of pocket with savings on day one.

A Solar investment will increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars for every Kw installed on the roof.

What’s Included

  • Solar Engineering and Design
  • Equipment (We use only the best equipment)
  • Solar permitting and Permit Costs
  • Solar Financing for Zero or little out of pocket packages
  • Delivery and Installation with our Friendly In-house crews
  • Inspections, Warranties, Guarantees and Close Outs
  • Local, Family-Run, Licensed, Insured, Certified No Subcontracting

What You’ll Get

  • Going solar will give you a lower electric bill
  • A Cash free investment with low interest financing
  • Insulation from rising energy costs
  • Hassle Free experience taking care of all the paperwork and utility interconnection

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