The PPA system allows for a third party financial institution to own and maintain a solar energy system on a roof for up to 25 years. Grid City Electric can basically put the system on your roof for free and you the client simply pay for the power at a heavily discounted rate. Power produced by the system are sold to the customer at rates which are lower than the utility a fixed rate. The financial institution will absorb the Federal Tax Credit and other incentives giving the end user a risk free method of saving on their power bills. Absolutely no payment is required from the client and in some cases, repairs necessary to be made to the roof could be built into the agreement.

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How do PPA’s work?

Grid City Electric strives to ensures it’s the smoothest and easiest process from A-Z when pursuing a Power Purchase Agreement in Long Island and greater New York City area.

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Brooklyn, NY

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Power Purchase Agreement is a good fit if you do not qualify for tax credits

Did you know that the PPA system is an absolutely perfect fit for Corporations, Non-Profits and Municipal Entities who do not qualify for the tax credits. Whatever suits your needs best. Get a free estimate and find out more today.

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