long island solar energy pseg rate hikes

What the PSEG Long Island Rate Hike and Project Funding Restructuring Means For the Cost of Solar in Long Island

Long Island residences and businesses are always asking “what does solar cost in Long Island and is it worth it to go solar today?” A major component to the first part of the question as to cost of solar will depend on the size and scope of the project. The second portion of the question […]

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Solar Federal Tax Rebate NY

Cost of Solar in LI, NYC, & US to Increase if Federal Tax Incentive Expires

On Janaury 1, 2017, the cost of solar in Long Island, NYC, and the US is scheduled to sky rocket by 30% unless critical tax incentive, The Federal Investment Tax Credit 26 USC § 25D , is renewed, extended, or modified by its deadline. This will make going solar all but impossible and can decimate […]

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Free Solar Panels NY?

Free Solar Panels NY

There’s a lot talk and questions about Free Solar Panels in New York. While this may seem too good to be true, it’s possible through a solar power purchase agreement or PPA. This is where you are in a sense “renting your roof for solar energy” and significantly reducing your electric bills. Local NY Solar […]

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Home solar NY

What’s the difference about your solar company?

What’s the Grid City Difference? • Security: i. Company Security: We are diversified and have a multimillion dollar electrical division. If solar companies start going out of business, we won’t. Making our company more secure. ii. Equipment Security: Hyundai or LG panels have 25 year warranty and the companies themselves will be around for years […]

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