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What’s the difference about your solar company?

What’s the Grid City Difference?
• Security:
i. Company Security: We are diversified and have a multimillion dollar electrical division. If solar companies start going out of business, we won’t. Making our company more secure.
ii. Equipment Security: Hyundai or LG panels have 25 year warranty and the companies themselves will be around for years to come, other panel manufacturers are not as established and are less reliable long-term. Our standard SolarEdge inverter provides optimal efficiency and module level monitoring, if there is ever a problem you will know immediately.

• Experience:
1. Fully in-house general contractors and master electricians.
2. Commercial & Residential clientele
3. Federal and private sector installations
4. NYC and Long Island customer base

• Local & Family run
i. We’ve been a local company serving the NYC and Long Island community for nearly 40 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers in the area and a reputation to uphold. We’ve always considered the customer first, we work with you to provide the best investment possible so that you can go to sleep happy…and so can we.

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