Solar Power All Day & Night

The average home or business uses more electric in the morning and night than during the day when there’s the most solar energy. This causes the excess electricity being sold back to the electric companies. This keeps the carbon emissions going for the power plants. With your solar battery backup, you are making and impact on the important future of renewable energy. Get a Free Solar Quote Today.

Join the Grid of the Future

Make even more of an impact on saving your wallet and the earths future. With solar energy and solar power backup systems for your home or business.

How Solar Backup Power Works

Home solar panel systems consist of a solar panel, an electrical inverter, and now tesla’s home battery to store surplus solar energy for later use.

Saving the planet, one solar panel at a time

It starts with understanding. Give us a call at (718) 785-9243 or

Go solar in 3 easy steps

Solar Consultation & Evaluation

Solar Consultation & Evaluation

It starts with speaking with our experts who'll explain it all. We'll provide accurate estimates and a custom tailored solar plan that's perfect for you. Without bothering you or climbing on your roof.

Solar Installation & Relaxation

Solar Installation & Relaxation

Sit back, relax, and leave all of the preparing of paperwork, inspections, and permits to us, while we streamline your custom solar panel installation from start to finish.

Solar Savings & Monitoring

Solar Savings & Monitoring

Watch the savings come shining in. Monitor your systems production panel by panel with the Solar Edge monitoring app from your desktop or mobile phone. Anywhere... anytime.

Solar Backup Power NY