what will be the impact of a trump solar presidency on solar in new york

What Will be the Impact of a Trump Presidency on Solar Energy in New York?

The largely unexpected election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency sent shock waves through the world, including the energy industry. President-elect Trump is very pro U.S.energy, particularly oil and gas. Providers of renewable energy, particularly solar, may be looking at a good news-bad news scenario. An early appraisal of the Impact of Trump Presidency on Solar reveals a mixed bag—good for some solar companies, not for others.

Voters Chose the Solar Option

Consumers around the country want the option of solar energy. Florida, the Sunshine State, had a deceptively worded anti-solar constitutional amendment that was backed by the utility companies. The wording was such that a casual reading would lead a pro-solar voter to actually cast their ballot against solar. A citizen’s campaign leading up to the election explained the “Yes” actually meant “No,” causing the anti-solar amendment to go down in flames on election day.

Solar Tax Credits

Federal solar tax credits were extended in 2015 for several years for residential and commercial projects. Tax credits have been significant in broadening the use of solar energy and encouraging technological improvements. Many states offer their own financial incentives for solar energy installations.



Trump’s Energy Policies

Many environmental and energy regulations will be removed from over-reaching federal hands and turned over to the states. In general, Trump believes in letting market forces operate without burdensome regulations to a much greater degree than the Obama administration. Individual energy companies will succeed or fail based on their own merits.

It Takes More Than Money to Succeed

As part of Obama’s environmental initiatives, hundreds of billions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money poured into renewable energy companies. Some of the most spectacular failures were in solar startups. Experienced business owners shook their heads in disbelief at the idea that companies could operate profitably based on a political principle rather than sound business judgment. For example, at least $80 billion was invested in Solyndra before the company’s spectacular failure. There is a long list of failed renewable energy companies that wasted huge sums of taxpayer money while accomplishing virtually nothing.

It is most likely that the Impact of Trump Presidency on Solar will be positive for well-managed companies.

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Choosing the Right Solar Energy Company is Crucial

Many people became uneasy about installing solar panels on their homes or businesses because of the warranty issues. When they have seen numerous stories about solar energy companies going out of business, that would seem to be a realistic concern, and it is. While the large Solyndra-type failures did not typically impact homeowners (because many of them never actually produced any products), there have been many small companies installing solar panels that only remained in business for a relatively short time.

A Warranty is Only as Good as the Company That Stands Behind It

Grid City Electric has been doing electrical work in Nassau, Suffolk, and the NY boroughs for 35 years. As a well-respected local company, Grid City had been getting calls from people who needed repairs to their solar energy systems because the company they had purchased from was no longer in business. Other “solar only” companies were not interested in doing these repairs. A 10-year workmanship warranty is meaningless if the company no longer exists.

The defunct “solar only” companies relied upon government incentives to stay in business. Grid City Electric seriously considered whether or not they should enter the solar business themselves. Ultimately, in 2006, they decided that since their core business was an electrical company, with millions of dollars in future work, that they could do a great job with Solar Energy in Long Island. They weren’t dependent on varying tax incentives to stay in business so could provide a meaningful warranty of their work.

Anyone with an interest in Solar Installation in New York should contact Grid City Electric.

They can tell you about great options for Solar Financing in New York, have the know-how to recommend the best solar system, install it correctly, and stand by their warranty. The Impact of Trump Presidency on Solar Energy may be mixed, but the impact of solar energy on your energy bills will be monumental.

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Additional Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power saves a lot of money on electric bills.

Federal and State rebate and financing programs make a solar investment simple and affordable.

Residential Solar is a long term investment which involves Zero or little out of pocket with savings on day one.

A Solar investment will increase the value of a home by thousands of dollars for every Kw installed on the roof.

What’s Included

  • Solar Engineering and Design
  • Equipment (We use only the best equipment)
  • Solar permitting and Permit Costs
  • Solar Financing for Zero or little out of pocket packages
  • Delivery and Installation with our Friendly In-house crews
  • Inspections, Warranties, Guarantees and Close Outs
  • Local, Family-Run, Licensed, Insured, Certified No Subcontracting

What You’ll Get

  • Going solar will give you a lower electric bill
  • A Cash free investment with low interest financing
  • Insulation from rising energy costs
  • Hassle Free experience taking care of all the paperwork and utility interconnection

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We are Full Service

It all starts with a phone call to our friendly solar energy consultants. During the initial phone call, some basic questions will be asked to see what programs and incentives you qualify for. We will explain how solar works, what it costs, the process, and how much you can save in your unique situation. The whole process is hassle free from A-Z. There is absolutely no cost for our estimates or the time we spend educating you on our programs or on solar in general.

Local, Family Owned & Trusted

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us a message. We are super energetic and love to help people understand how incredible their renewable energy savings options are. Don’t delay, call or message us today.

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