Sustainable Roofing Law

NYC DOB Law Requires Buildings To Go Solar & Green

Following the new legislation on sustainable roofing, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) announced on November 15, 2019, that the law would be effective from then henceforth.

The Local Law 92 and Law 94 requires of all building owners of all new buildings and existing buildings which are undergoing renovations, or roof replacement to install a green roof system, a  solar photovoltaic system, or even a combination of both.

As of the 15th of November, it was made mandatory for all new application fillings for new buildings as well building projects under renovation (be it enlargement of building to accommodate more floors or complete roof replacements) to all fully comply with the Local Law 92 and 94 before the DOB will approve their plan. Also, the full information as regards compliance with the new legislation is fully spelled out already by the DOB.

The Implication Of The New Legislation

According to council Member Donovan Richards, “The implementation of Local Laws 92 and 94 of 2019 will ensure that the New York City solar community is at the forefront of the transition to a cleaner and greener generation for all New Yorkers. Utilizing valuable rooftop space to continue reducing our carbon emissions will also help reduce energy costs, improve stormwater management, and make our city more livable for generations to come.”

On the day the implementation was made official, Deputy Mayor Laura Anglin aired that, “Today’s announcement is another example of the innovative and necessary changes New York City is continuing to make to address the threats of climate change. We know buildings account for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, and these laws are another step to get the City carbon neutral by 2050.”

With these developments, New York City continues to be one of the elite pioneers in combating climatic changes. With this, New York City is made fresher for generations to come.

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