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It’s clear to see that solar energy in New York demands local expertise, and that’s where our services outshine the other solar companies.

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πŸ‘ What’s Included

  • Solar Engineering and Design
  • Equipment (We use only the best equipment)
  • Solar permitting and Permit Costs
  • Solar Financing for Zero or little out of pocket packages
  • Delivery and Installation with our Friendly In-house crews
  • Inspections, Warranties, Guarantees and Close Outs
  • Local, Family-Run, Licensed, Insured, Certified No Subcontracting

πŸ˜€ What You’ll Get

  • Going solar will give you a lower electric bill
  • A Cash free investment with low interest financing
  • Insulation from rising energy costs
  • Hassle Free experience taking care of all the paperwork and utility interconnection

πŸ™Œ No upfront costs

It all starts with a free estimate or a phone call to our friendly solar energy consultants. Our whole process is hassle free from A-Z. There is absolutely no cost for our estimates or the time we spend educating you on our programs or on solar in general.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ We are your neighbors

Grid City Electric does not behave like a mega conglomerate looking to pillage the market place with a team of consultants, algorithms and shareholders. No lengthy questionnaires. No 50 page contracts. You are people, and so are we. Our family and our kids live here just like you and that’s why you are treated like family when you call.

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Your trusted, local, family run, solar installers

As a local family run company, we understand how costly energy costs in Long Island & NYC can be. Rising taxes, family expenses, education, raising kids, and of course the bills, all factor into making a solar investment. After all, Grid City Electric lives and operates here and has been serving this local market for decades as a master electrician and our solar division founded back in 2007. The bottom line, You’ll save a bunch every month with clean solar energy while helping save the planet. What are you waiting for?

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Solar Consultation & Evaluation

Solar Consultation & Evaluation

It starts with speaking with our experts who'll explain it all. We'll provide accurate estimates and a custom tailored solar plan that's perfect for you. Without bothering you or climbing on your roof.

Solar Installation & Relaxation

Solar Installation & Relaxation

Sit back, relax, and leave all of the preparing of paperwork, inspections, and permits to us, while we streamline your custom solar panel installation from start to finish.

Solar Savings & Monitoring

Solar Savings & Monitoring

Watch the savings come shining in. Monitor your systems production panel by panel with the Solar Edge monitoring app from your desktop or mobile phone. Anywhere... anytime.

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