Vehicle Charging Stations

Grid City Energy, a provider of Solar, Battery Backup, and Generators now provides expert installation of Electric vehicle charging stations (EV Charging Stations) for commercial and residential customers in Long Island and New York City. Formed as a full service electrician over 30 years ago, Grid City Energy has become a premier provider of Electric Vehicle charging station solutions.

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Custom EV Solar Power Station Sales & Installation

As changes to our infrastructure globally take place, the electric vehicle charging station industry is opening up with many millions of electric cars plugging in. As cars are converted from gas to electric, our needs for electricity are increasing. Municipalities, businesses, homeowners, and universities are all turning to EV charging stations to support the the growing trend. Projects are never too big or too small and our solutions are all in house without any subcontracting.


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Vehicle Charging Station

Vehicle Charging Station features:

  • πŸ“‘β˜οΈ
    Web connected to the cloud for monitoring and management
  • πŸ‘·πŸ‘
    Some EV Charging Stations come with maintenance and monitoring
  • πŸŒžπŸ”‹
    Can be combined with Solar and Battery Back Up System
  • πŸ’πŸ”§
    Customized to your needs
  • πŸš—πŸ”Œ
    Will charge your electric vehicle 5 times faster than the standard wall outlet charger

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Vehicle Charging Stations - EV Car Brands

Our vehicle charging stations can charge any of the EV models on the road. Here’s a good a list of the majority of them: BMW i3, Chevrolet Spark EV, Fiat 500e,Ford Focus Electric, Honda Fit EV, JAC J3 EV, Kia Soul EV, Lightning GT, Mitsubishi i-MiEV,Nissan Leaf, Smart electric drive, Tesla Model S P85 kWh, Tesla Model S 85 kWh, Tesla Model S 60 kWh, Tesla Model X P90 kWh, Tesla Model X 90 kWh, Venturi FΓ©tish, Volkswagen e-Golf, Volkswagen e-Up!

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Vehicle Charging Station

Whether for your home or business, the benefits of a vehicle charging station is unbelievable!

Vehicle Charging Station Long Island

Charge your electric car with solar with a vehicle charging station

Grid City Energy is referred to as the energy solutions power house because our unique ability to combine and integrate various technologies into one platforms. Customers can request an EV charging station to be integrated with a solar panel system enabled with emergency/smart battery backup. This unique combination of skills, licensing, and capability ensures that the customer experience will be seamless, quality controlled, and customized to their needs. In some cases, tax credits and incentives are applicable from government, and/or utilities. A customer must inquire as to whether a charging station in Long Island or New York City by contacting Grid City Energy.


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Electric vehicle chargers come in all different charging levels, sizes and capabilities

Custom Solar Canopy Installation to charge electric car Long Island / NYC

The most common stations, referred to as level 2 (or stage 2) use a connector which is compatible with nearly all EV charging needs. Commercial electric vehicle charging stations have the capability to use apps, credit card processing, and come equipped with features like touch screens for gas stations. The level 2 charger will provide a vehicle with a faster rate of charge per hour and is recommended for the customer who wants a higher capacity charge.Β  Level 1 Outlets are the most convenient as they plug right into an existing outlet (208/240) but charge the slowest. These chargers almost will usually come with the car but often will be frustratingly slow. Level 2 chargers will triple the speed of charge. Since changes may need to take place to your home or business wiring, Grid City Energy will work together with you to ensure the perfect EV charging station is selected. In New York City and Long Island, various codes do apply and we will be happy to assist you or your GC to make sure this investment is made properly.


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When it comes to business, electric vehicle charging stations in Long Island and New York City can go a long way

Whether it is attracting customers to a store, enhancing employee convenience at the office, or attracting and retaining residential tenants, electric vehicle charging stations have an assured commercial benefit. The best part is that electric vehicle charges will get positive good will as it will enhance your brand.

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Give Grid a Call today to learn more about the Electric Vehicle charging station that works best for your company or your home. We have locations in Queens and Long Island in Nassau County. We believe that our company will best serve your needs to learn more about this particular product. The best feature is that once you get your charger, you can talk to us about other energy needs such as solar, battery backup, generators and more.

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