Residential Home With Solar Panels In Long Island, NY

New Solar Energy Residential Combo Loans Take NYC by Storm

Residential Combo Loans provide a method to maximize savings for New York City and Long Island Home Owners with various interest rate and term options. A combo loan works whereby the lender assumes the home owner will pay the value of the the various tax credit incentives to the lender within a 6, 12, 18, 24 month period giving the homeowner a bridge period with 0 payments and 0 interest to comply. The remaining portion of the solar energy system not paid for by the incentives is financed as a traditional loan with various interest rate options and 10,12 and 20 year terms. The result is a payment which gives the customer a higher monthly savings at a lower interest rate for the term selected.

Credit requirements are flexible. This loan is perfect for the homeowner who wants a low interest rate and a low payment. There are terms and conditions which apply to this loan product. Grid City authorized representatives are waiting to discuss various terms and interest rates with you. Simply call or contact us so we can get started.

Other Features of This Loan:

  • No prepayment penalty
  • Fixed Interest Rates
  • Roofing and Other Repairs allowed
  • Providers bigger loans for larger systems needed

We Know That You Probably Have A Ton Of Question On Solar Residential Combo Loans. Let The Experts At Grid City Electric Guide You Through Your Very Own State Solar Energy Residential Combo Loan in NYC (Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island & Manhattan) & Long Island. Our Award Winning Team Of Solar Experts Is Dedicated To Providing You With The Answers To Every Single One Of Your Questions, Contact Us Now.

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