Make A Decision About Going Solar in 2 Minutes, Guaranteed

What Is solar power? Solar panels, also known as PV modules, consist of cells made from silicon that transfigure incoming sunlight into electricity. The technology is used to harness the sun’s energy and make it useable in a grid compatible way. Many details are evaluated when predicting what a solar panel’s production will be.

1)     Azimuth (Azimuth Angle) The direction the various areas of the home face if one were to use a compass. “What is the right direction to face the solar panels”? In other words, how would a prospective system owner evaluate the various roof areas on a business or home to harness as much sun light as possible? Since businesses and homes are shaped in various configurations, Grid City Electric will help you pick the perfect placement for the panels on a home or business. In chronological order, South produces the most power followed by West, East and then North as it pertains to the North East and other areas of the US. More exposure to sunlight yields more power and ultimately money in the form of savings. Grid City Electric is aware that not every home faces South which is why a full home analysis is conducted for every home to ensure the best case scenario is explored.

2)     Shade is a major factor when considering solar. Is your home surrounded by un-trimmable trees or obstructions? At Grid City Electric we will recommend you all effective solutions to maintain the highest production & eliminate any loss. We also have network partners where if you need to trim a tree or upgrade your roof you will no come out of pocket.

3)     Why should I go solar? When you install a solar system on your property, your business or family are better prepared to withstand the financial curveballs which you may experience of the next few decades. Solar panels are a hedge against utility increases (for the portion of the bill addressed by solar). When a customer is protected against annual utility increases, this is one less variable risk that he/she will face. According to various real estate studies conducted, homes or businesses with solar energy systems may have a higher property value attribution. More data suggests that homes or businesses which have purchased solar panels (via outright purchase or financing), experienced a more positive home value impact than those with leased systems. With Grid City Electric, you will have the ability to go over many different programs that will be customized specially for your home and income.

4)     What are the environmental benefits of solar energy? Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to global warming. Did you know? For every 1 Kilo-watt of solar capacity you install on your house is the equivalent of planting 200 trees. The average home in New York will need a 5 KW system which means you’ve just planted 1,000 trees’! You have just helped reduce your carbon footprint.

Can I go off grid with solar panels? When you install solar panels on your property, you will still maintain a grid connection. This allows you to draw from the grid when your system is not producing all of your power needs, and sell power to the grid when production exceeds consumption.

Will I still receive an electric bill if I have solar panels? With Grid City Electric’s top-notch architectural and engineering team, we will design a system and set you up with an exclusive program that will dramatically reduce your bill, or even cut the amount you owe to $0, with a solar panel system that matches your energy use.

Do Solar Panels work in a black out? If your solar panel system is connected to the grid, it will shut off during blackouts. However, some systems can be engineered to provide backup power in a blackout when paired with a battery.

Can I afford to go solar? Since the monthly cost associated with a solar financing plan costs less than your current bill (in most cases), going solar could cost less money than what you are spending today.  $0 out of pocket solar financing options,  from 3rd parties and new York state, make going solar easy for businesses and homeowners. Credit decisions will vary but Grid City Electric will work with you to find the right financial vehicle so that you can be on your way to going solar and saving money on your power bills with solar.  

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