PSEG Electric Rate Increase 2017

Another PSEG Rate Hike for Long Islanders

Stabilize & Reduce Your Energy Costs by Going Solar

2017 began with some unwelcomed rate increases for PSEG Long Island customers. Homeowners expect to see a 5.5 percent increase – about $6.50 on their monthly bills – over the previous year and all indications are that the cost of electricity will continue to rise. However, PSEG customers with rooftop solar panels aren’t as concerned because they’ll continue to have a considerably lower and more predictable energy bills. For those without them, now is the time to join the solar movement.

Electrical utility rates go up and down throughout the year, but the long-term tendency is to rise. These fluctuations are due to a variety of factors including fuel costs, labor agreements, and regulations. In fact, according to PSEG, the 2017 rate increase is primarily because of soaring fuel prices. The energy generated by solar panel systems is not subject to the same market variables, therefore, these changes have significantly less impact resulting in lower utility bills. And, as energy prices continue to rise, the savings will increase over time.

New York State has some of the highest electricity rates in the country with prices 58 percent higher than the national average. That said, New York is also committed to renewable energy with a top-rated solar industry and incentives to help offset the cost of transitioning to solar power. State incentives, coupled with federal and utility programs, make solar a viable option for many households.



How much will you save?

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Purchasing your residential solar power system outright means you will instantly reduce or even completely eliminate your energy bill. The monthly savings will eventually “pay off” your system. Typical pay off periods will vary based on various factors but the system has a lifespan of approximately 25 years*, the savings are significant.

Solar financing and lease options that require little to no out-of-pocket cost are also available. With these plans, the expense reduction varies, but still provides owners with lasting benefits and results in immediate savings.

Long Islanders who have not gone solar are at the mercy of the electric company. A solar energy system from Grid City Energy is the most effective way to take control of your energy bills. Start saving from day one, while reducing your carbon footprint. Find out how much you’ll save when you go solar today.

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David Bar

David Bar

Vice President at Grid City Energy
This article has been written by David Bar, Vice President of Grid City Energy, a division of Grid City Electric, Licensed Electrical Contractors.

Grid City Energy, the Energy Solutions Powerhouse, is a local (Long Island and NYC), family-run, diversified Solar Energy Company, built on a 35 year heritage as a licensed master electrician. Grid City Energy has 3 services that it provides, Solar Energy, Backup Power (Generators and Battery Backup Systems), and Electrical Contracting. Grid City Energy does not sub contract any aspect of any of the services it performs which is why they are a staple in the local market for high quality, affordable solar energy systems. When customers hire Grid City Energy, they are not only buying solar, they are buying reliability and promise to be there, not only at contract signing, but also when a customer calls for service 10-15-25 years down the road. Contact Grid City Energy today and they will show you the light.
David Bar

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