7 Buildings That Changed the Meaning of Solar Power Panels

If the masses will one day make it mandatory that every residential and commercial structure in the world switch to solar energy the world will be a better place. One can only imagine the day we will walk around and see these monstrous, blue, shiny panels on the roof of every building in our area.

Many cities throughout the world are making it mandatory to at the least learn about, spread and embrace the need for solar energy. For now, though, there are a couple of world renowned solar powered structures that are giving the whole concept a heartwarming meaning.

Let’s check them out!

1.     1.  The Further Education Center at Mont-Cernis

We kickstart this little trip around the world in Germany where one beautiful structure, designed by the legendary HHS Planer + Architekten, keeps stealing our hearts. Located in Herne, Germany, the gigantic architectural marvel has a roof canopy that doubles up as the center’s source of green energy.

2.      2. The Science Pyramid at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Many often praise Denver for its green and red chile sauce, the famous Colorado burrito and many other delicacies. Most of those who flock this city marvel at it city’s capitol building’s dome made out of 24-karat gold, the Dinosaur Ridge, and its 200 parks.

But those who head to Denver Botanic Gardens for a rare view of the jagged shape Science Pyramid get an adventure worth a lifetime. The structure whose shape is inspired by the Rocky Mountains’ tectonic shifts sits pretty to show how Solar Power Panels for large commercial structures can beautify the environment as well.

3.       3. The Blauhaus at Niederrheim University

From a distance, you’ll think that the Blauhaus is an ordinary structure whose facade is made exclusively with blue glass panels. But as you get closer, this large and expertly designed house starts to make you accept solar again. Designed by Kadawittfeldarchitektur, the structure’s massive windows and walls, all consisting of solar panels, all made to follow the sun’s rays, are simply jaw-dropping.

4.      4. 36BTrd House

Singapore is among the planet’s most visited destinations and part of that is the picturesque 36BTrd House. This architectural marvel is a large building whose solar design that consists of a thermal plaster made to reflect heat.

5.      5. The Stanford University Central Energy Facility

Stanford is known for many firsts, and it couldn’t come second here too. The institution’s Central Energy Facility is a testament to how remarkable ZGF Architects are, especially on how the solar arrays are able to power the whole structure. Worth a visit, of course!

6.      6. J. Craig Venter Institute

California is aptly represented in this list by J. Craig Venter Institute, a massive structure credited to the talented ZGF Architects. It is the world’s first net-zero energy biological lab and its rooftop solar array produces power that not only power it, but also goes to the grid. You must add it to your bucket list!

7.      7. The Endesa Pavilion

To cap off this list of unbelievable commercial structures made using solar panels is the Endesa Pavilion, a structure that is sure to drop your jaws. The building’s parametric design is credited to the able designers from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

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