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David Bar

David Bar

Vice President at Grid City Energy
This article has been written by David Bar, Vice President of Grid City Energy, a division of Grid City Electric, Licensed Electrical Contractors.

Grid City Energy, the Energy Solutions Powerhouse, is a local (Long Island and NYC), family-run, diversified Solar Energy Company, built on a 35 year heritage as a licensed master electrician. Grid City Energy has 3 services that it provides, Solar Energy, Backup Power (Generators and Battery Backup Systems), and Electrical Contracting. Grid City Energy does not sub contract any aspect of any of the services it performs which is why they are a staple in the local market for high quality, affordable solar energy systems. When customers hire Grid City Energy, they are not only buying solar, they are buying reliability and promise to be there, not only at contract signing, but also when a customer calls for service 10-15-25 years down the road. Contact Grid City Energy today and they will show you the light.
David Bar
This Queens Queens NYC 2.580 kW Home Solar panel system produces approximately 3508 kWh a year, with a savings of $736.68 , equipped with 215 W Sanyo solar panels and a SolarEdge inverter. This installation was purchased with Cash and utilized the   NY State Tax Credit & NYC Property Tax Abatement & Residential Federal Solar ITC to maximize savings. For this project we used Black Frame White Backsheet Monocrystalline solar panels on a Roof Top installation.
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