Residential Solar Energy Middle Village Queens NY

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This [php snippet=1] [php snippet=2] [php snippet=3] [php snippet=4] system produces [php snippet=5]/year, with a savings of approximately [php snippet=9], equipped with [php snippet=6] [php snippet=7] solar panels, and a [php snippet=8] inverter.

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Solar Financing Option Lease | Solar Panel System Size 3.920 kW | Territory Queens NYC | City Middle Village | Type of Solar Panel Application Flat Roof Custom Structure | Annual Solar Performance kWh 4508 kWh | Solar Interconnection Method Net Metering Grid Tied | Solar Panel Brand Hyundai | Module Rating 245 W | Solar Panel Style Black on Black Monocrystalline | Solar Inverter Power One | Type of Solar Inverter String Inverter | Inverter Rating 3.6